Electronic design house

Depending on the imperatives of your project (size, deadlines, ...), we can offer you a "turnkey" solution and take care of all the design phases of your product, from drafting the specifications, through feasibility studies, development, prototyping, industrialization, the creation of test benches, ... including production management.

By choosing EECD srl, you can be certain that the aspects of industrialization and production will be integrated from the outset and at every stage of development,the aim being to ensure the optimum total costs (development + production).
In the end, you will have more than just a functional prototype; you will have a finished product, ready to be produced in series!

If the scale of the project demands it, or if we lack certain skills, we can call upon (or recommend) a number of partners. Ultimately, regardless of the chosen approach, by choosing EECD srl to develop your projects, you can be assured that specialists will seek the optimal solution for you in terms of technique, costs, and quality! !

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