Electronic consultancy

In recent years, we have witnessed a profound transformation of the European industrial landscape. Large companies are restructuring, consistently turning to subcontracting, leading to the emergence of numerous small businesses that develop around innovative concepts.
At the same time, electronics has undergone a profound change. While it was, only 10 years ago, an activity distinctly separate from computer science, it's evident now that the boundary has become much more blurred with the renowned "Embedded Systems" that have permeated our Western societies.
Today, in one way or another, most companies are inclined to develop electronic projects (or products) even though it's not their core business. While some opt to employ specialized design offices, others develop in-house without always having all the necessary skills or resources...
Consultance électronique​
Electronic consultancy

In both cases, we can assist you by offering tailored consultancy services (occasional intervention, 1 day/week, 2 days/month,...) for either short or long term, depending on your needs...

If You have chosen to undertake the development within your company, we can, for example, conduct feasibility studies, propose system architectures, intervene at any critical stage, and manage the project.

If you've decided to use an external design office, we can, for instance, advise you when establishing the specifications, provide an external perspective throughout the development to "monitor" the smooth progression of the project, or assist you during the industrialization and production implementation phases.

If reading these few lines has brought back memories of painful experiences from previous developments, please don't hesitate to contact us for your future projects...


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